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This website's web service privacy protection statement is the commitment of Zhonghui Rongtong (hereinafter referred to as “Zhonghui Rongtong”) to protect your personal privacy (hereinafter referred to as “you”). In view of the characteristics of the Internet, the web service of this website (hereinafter referred to as “network service”) will inevitably interact directly or indirectly with you during the operation process, so it is hereby stated that Zhonghui Rongtong adopts your personal information. Please read carefully the collection, use and protection policies.

1. User non-personalized information

1.1 Zhonghui Rongtong will collect non-personalized information through your IP address, such as the nature of your browser, the type of operating system, the domain name of the ISP that provides you with access services, etc., to optimize the display on your computer screen. page. By collecting the above information, Zhonghui Rongtong also conducts traffic statistics to improve the management and services of network services and websites.

2. Personal data

2.1 Typically, you must be logged in to access certain sections of the web service and get information. Before requesting your information, Zhonghui Rongtong will explain the purpose of this information. Under normal circumstances, such registrations only require you to provide an email address or mobile number and basic information such as your name category.

2.2 Some features of the web service may require more information from you. Zhonghui Rongtong is doing this to better understand your needs in order to provide you with effective services. The information collected by Zhonghui Rongtong includes name, address and telephone number.

2.3 Without disclosing a single piece of your private information, Zhonghui Rongtong has the right to analyze the entire database and make commercial use of your database.

3. Information security

3.1 Zhonghui Rongtong will strictly manage and protect the information provided by you. Zhonghui Rongtong will use the corresponding technology to prevent your personal data from being lost, stolen or tampered with.

3.2 Zhonghui Rongtong entrusts professional and technical personnel to carry out computer processing on this kind of data when necessary to meet the needs of the professional division of labor. If Zhonghui Rongtong delivers the notice of computer processing to you, and you do not actively express your objection within the time specified in the notice, Zhonghui Rongtong will presume that you have agreed. However, you will still be entitled to stop the computer processing as described in Section 4.1.(d) below.

4. Your rights

4.1 You have the following rights to your personal data: (a) inquiries and requests for access at any time; (b) request for additional or correction at any time; (c) request removal at any time; (d) request to stop computer processing and use.

4.2 In response to the above rights, Zhonghui Rongtong will provide you with relevant services, and you can contact Zhonghui Rongtong in time.

5. Protection of the privacy of minors

Minors under the age of 18 who participate in the activities of this website are required to obtain the consent of the parent or guardian (hereinafter collectively referred to as "guardian") to obtain the services of this website. The guardian has the right to cancel the use of the website by the ward.

6, user usage guidelines

Users are solely responsible for the text, information, data, pictures, graphics, photographs, software, sounds, images or any other form of information (whether published or privately) that they post on this website. To this end, users must abide by the following guidelines: (1) Do not post or distribute any materials and information that violates the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China on this website; (2) Do not publish, transmit or use infringement of the rights of others' portraits or names on this website. Information and information on rights, reputation, privacy or other personal rights; (3) Not publishing, transmitting, using or transmitting infringement of trademarks, copyrights, patents, know-how, trade secrets or other property rights of others on this website (4) not publishing, transmitting or transmitting electronic information with computer viruses or other computer passwords that may cause interruption, destruction or restriction of the functions of computer software, hardware or communication equipment on this website; 5) Do not post, transmit or transmit any illegal, harassing, damaging, insulting, intimidating, harmful, vulgar or obscene information on this website; (6) Not posted on this website , disseminate or transmit information that incites others to commit crimes or involves national security. If the user violates the above criteria, the website may cancel the use of the website without telling the other party. Users are legally responsible for their actions on the Internet. If any reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws is disseminated and disseminated on this website, the system records on this website may be provided to the relevant authorities as evidence of their illegality.

7. Restricted use principle

7.1 Zhonghui Rongtong shall use the collected personal data outside the scope of the above-mentioned provisions only if the following conditions are met: (a) Your written consent has been obtained; (b) To exempt you from life, body or property (c) A major hazard to prevent the rights of others; (d) To promote the public interest and not harm your vital interests.

8. Disclosure of personal data

8.1 When the judicial authorities and government agencies require Zhonghui Rongtong to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures, Zhonghui Rongtong will provide personal data according to the requirements of the judicial and law enforcement agencies or for the purpose of public safety. In any disclosure under this circumstance, Zhonghui Rongtong is exempt from liability.

9. Information transfer

9.1 Zhonghui Rongtong and its necessary service partners use your personal data to operate the network services, and will notify you of new features and services, as well as various products of Zhonghui Rongtong and its subsidiaries. Zhonghui Rongtong will also carefully select the products or service materials from other companies to send to you, usually with the services of the network services and Zhonghui Rongtong itself, but it is not necessary (secondary use).

9.2 If Zhonghui Rongtong wants to use personal data for secondary purposes, Zhonghui Rongtong will provide instructions on how to refuse this service. You can terminate the sending of these letters by means of the information sent to you by Zhonghui Rongtong or the instructions on the promotional letter.

10, network service unsubscribe statement

You can unsubscribe from the web service at any time according to your wishes. You can contact this website by email, phone, etc. This website will delete all your registration information.

11. Disclaimer

11.1 Except as provided in Article 8 above, Zhonghui Rongtong shall not be liable for any of the following: (a) Any personal data leakage caused by your notification of your password or sharing of your registered account with others And the resulting consequent consequences; (b) any disclosure or loss of personal data caused by hacking, computer virus intrusion or seizures, temporary closures due to government regulations, etc., which may affect the majeure of network services and the normal operation of the website. , stolen or tampered with, etc.; (c) disclosure of personal data caused by other information network services linked to the web service and any legal disputes and consequences resulting therefrom.

12. Right of interpretation

The rights to modify and interpret the privacy protection statement of Zhonghui Rongtong Network Services belong to Zhonghui Rongtong.

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