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Foreign exchange margin trading is a high-risk investment behavior. Investment and trading in leveraged over-the-counter spot foreign currency contracts are speculative and highly risky, and are usually only suitable for those who can bear the risk of losing more than their margin deposits. Given these risks, customers should trade only after they fully understand the nature of the transaction in question and the extent to which they are at risk. Off-site foreign exchange spot trading is not appropriate for some customers. Clients should carefully consider whether such transactions are suitable for you based on personal experience, investment objectives, funding sources and other relevant circumstances. You should be very aware of the risks of foreign exchange trading. If you have any questions, please consult your professional financial advisor.

Trading Disclaimer:

The relevant blog links provided by Zhonghui Rongtong and other sources of economic and market information are only used as training services. Zhonghui Rongtong does not recommend or endorse any source of information and third party transaction analysis and guidance. Customers should carefully consider and analyze information from relevant blogs or other sources in order to make informed analysis and decisions. Please note that past transaction records are not a basis for predicting future trading results. Zhonghui Rongtong advises customers to carefully understand the trading performance or investment descriptions of relevant blogs, fund managers and system suppliers before investing. Any news, opinions, research, data or other information quoted on the Zhonghui Rongtong website is only an objective market commentary and does not constitute investment or trading advice. Zhonghui Rongtong expressly disclaims liability for loss or profit on transactions arising from the use of information directly or indirectly by any customer. Again, any investment advice and historical performance cannot be used as a basis for predicting future trading results.

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