SWIFT Code Search

Foreign foreign exchange deposits are made. When withdrawing funds, traders require investors to fill in the swift code of the domestic receiving bank. For investors who have not done international wire transfer, they either have to go to the bank where they have opened an account, or they have Another way is to check online: First visit http://www.swift.com/bsl/

Then enter the following 8-digit code in the BIC column (what line is to be checked for which line), fill in the verification code displayed on the website in the Challenge response column, and then click the &ltquo;search” button to find this. Line all SWIFT.

Many investors can't find a branch that has their own account. In this case, just fill in the head office of the region. In fact, as long as the first 8 digits of the swift code are correctly filled in, the funds can basically find the account in China. .

The top 8 of the major domestic banks are (the remaining three are specific branches):


Agricultural Bank: ABCCNNBJ



China Merchants Bank: CMBCCNBS

Minsheng Bank: MSBCCNBJ

Bank of Communications: COMMCN

Hua Xia Bank: HXBKCN

ICBC International Debit Card: ICBKCNBJICC

Guangdong Development Bank BIC: SZDBCNBS


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